At RW Motors, we pride ourselves in selling high-quality vehicles at excellent prices. There are many reasons why you should choose R.W. Motors as your choice over other dealers. Here are a few.

ONLY Quality vehicles – Unlike other dealers, R.W. Motors takes exceptional care in only selling the highest quality vehicles. Maryland has one of the most rigorous inspection policies in the United States (including those of Delaware and Virginia) which, by itself, ensures that each and every vehicles has been thoroughly examined prior to being offered for sale. Because of this, you can be assured that the vehicle you choose to take home with you has not only had all of the following components inspected but has been chosen specifically by us as a vehicle you will enjoy. 

• Steering system

• Wheel alignment

• Suspension

• Brake system

• Wheels / tires

• Fuel system

• Exhaust system

• Bumpers

• Fenders

• Lights

• Electrical system

• Mirrors

• Glazing (windows)

• Wipers

• Hood / catches

• Door handle latches

• Floor / Trunk pans

• Speedometer / odometer

• Driver seat

• Safety belts

• Motor mounts

• Gear shift indicator

• Universal and CV (constant velocity) joints

• Emissions equipment

In addition to all of these items, we thoroughly inspect the history of each vehicle! We only purchase and sell vehicles with PERFECT CarFaxes that have received an A grade! Ask us! We’ll show it to you! 

Vehicles for everyone – It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a current year model vehicle or an inexpensive vehicle, we have a car for every person and budget. It’s common knowledge that vehicles depreciate as much as 30% the second they are driven off the lot! You can get ahead of the curve by buying a current year model vehicle at a substantial discount which will place you into a significantly better financial position, lower your monthly payments and make the vehicle easier to trade-in when the time is right for you! Many of our newer vehicles still have time left on their factory warranties as well! 

Easy, Simple and Low Rate Financing – Many consumers with excellent credit are under the assumption that they can get better financing rates at new car dealerships over independent used car dealerships. At R.W. Motors, that is not the case! We have multiple lenders that can offer excellent rates competitive to any dealership! 

Have challenged credit? We can help with that, too! We have relationships with vendors that are eager to help you rebuild your credit. We can assist you in securing the vehicle you need to get you to work, get your kids to school and live a normal life. And we can do all of this while working with you to find a vehicle that fits YOUR budget!

NO RECALLS! – The facts are that 1 in 5 vehicles in the United States have at least one open recall. While there is a Federal law prohibiting the sale of NEW vehicles with open recalls, no such law exists prohibiting the sale of USED vehicles with open recalls – even by new car dealers! At R.W. Motors, we ensure that none of the vehicles we sell to our customers have ANY OPEN RECALLS at the time of purchase. No matter how we obtain a vehicle, we search for any open recalls and, if any exist, we’ll repair them prior to them being sold! Don’t buy a car from another dealership just to find out that there’s an open recall that could endanger you and/or your family and force you to spend your valuable time getting those recall repairs completed! At R.W. Motors, you will leave knowing not only has the vehicle passed one of the most stringent inspection processes in the United States but also has a PERFECT CarFax AND no open recalls!

We understand what you want… a quality car that you can rely on at an affordable price. And you don’t want to have to worry about whether your new car will run well, keep you safe or whether you got a fair deal. We’re not that kind of dealership. In fact, believe it or not, we care for our customers and believe that every good deed is returned. We know that you’ll love your experience buying from us so much that not only will you come back but you’ll also tell your family and friends to come see us. 

That’s our goal. Come help us prove it to you. 

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